Yemeni Army Says Southern Province Retaken Fully From Houthi Rebels

The Yemeni Army on Tuesday claimed that they have retaken control of the entire southern province of Shabwa from Iran-backed Houthi militias during the 10 days of intensive warfare.

The Military Spokesman, Mohammed Al-Naqib, said they have achieved all targets and succeeded to drive the Houthi rebels out of Ain, Usailan and Bayhan districts.

The victory wouldn’t be possible without air support by the Saudi-led Coalition, the official said.  

The governor of Shabwa, Awad Mohammed Abdullah Al-Awlaki expressed gratitude to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for the liberation of the province.

Al-Awlaki furthered that retaking the control of Shabwa would enable the Yemeni forces to cut supply lines for the Houthi rebels, who have been attacking the key city of Marib.

Yemen was triggered into civil war in 2014 when the Houthi rebels seized the capital Sanaa, prompting Saudi-led forces to intervene.

According to the UN estimation at least 377,000 people were killed by the end of 2021, both directly and indirectly through war, hunger and disease.

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