Xi’an City Locked Down due to COVID-19 Outbreak

The Chinese government has ordered 13 million Xi’an residents to stay home in a strict lockdown after a COVID-19 outbreak was detected.

There were 52 new coronavirus cases detected in Xi’an on Wednesday, bringing the total to 143 since December 9.

Liu Feng, dean of the Shaanxi Provincial Disease Control and Prevention Center, said that 36 local cases were similar to the imported case detected on December 4 on flight PK854 from Pakistan after conducting gene sequencing.

According to Xi’an’s lockdown regulations, only one household member will be allowed to go out of the house to buy supplies while residents are not allowed to leave the city. 

Long-distance bus station operations were also suspended and flights were grounded while disease control checkpoints were set up on highways out of Xi’an, 

All non-essential establishments have also been ordered to close down while events and gatherings were canceled. 

China’s National Health Commission (NHC) official  Lei Zhenglong said that the country cannot “let its guard down” as it continues to battle the COVID Delta strain and as Omicron continues to spread. 

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