Wildfires Raze Bolivia’s Pantanal Wetlands

Wildfires have razed Bolivia’s Pantanal wetlands endangering its rich wildlife, already destroying around 2,200 hectares, authorities said. 

Environment secretary for Santa Cruz province, Alejandra Sandoval said fire fighters are struggling to contain the fire due to the rich plant life, Reuters reported. 

“This site has a mattress-like vegetation, in which embers remain at the bottom. And so the fires can come back to life at any moment. So it’s necessary that we keep going until the fires are totally put out,” Sandoval said.

Meanwhile, fire prevention coordinator Yovenka Rosado said that all available help has already been sent to the area.

In 2019, large wildfires also hit the area’s Chiquitano forest, which is home to many indigenous groups. 

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