Wanted Fugitive Blows Himself Up In Saudi Arabia Following Police Chase

A fugitive wanted by Saudi Arabia’s State Security for investigation killed himself by detonating his suicide vest as police closed in on him.

A spokesman for the Presidency of State Security said that Abdullah bin Zayed Abdul Rahman Al-Bakri Al-Shehri was on the list of nine wanted people for investigations.

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported Friday that the incident happened in Al-Shehri hideout in Al-Samer District in Jeddah governorate on Wednesday night.

According to State Security, four people, three security personnel and a Pakistani national received injuries in the incident. The wounded people were immediately evacuated to the local hospital for medical treatment.

Al-Shehri was placed in the wanted list in 2016 for his involvement in an attack that targeted a mosque in the southern city of Abha in 2015.

The attack, involving suicide bombing took the lives of at least 12 security personnel and wounded many more including civilians.

State Security reaffirmed its strong commitment to continue chasing and confronting anyone attempting to disrupt public security and pose dangerous to the lives of citizens and expatriates across the Kingdom.

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