Vladimir Putin Submits Open Skies Treaty Exit Bill

Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted a bill that would withdraw their country from the Open Skies treaty.

The Open Skies Treaty establishes a regime of unarmed aerial observation flights over the entire territory of its 34 signatories including Russia and the USA.

The Us has already withdrawn from the treaty last year when Donald Trump was still the President. 

Russia said in January it was also planning on following the US due to conflicts of interest. 

“The U.S. withdrawal from the Treaty violated the balance of  interests among the Treaty’s member states, which led to threats to  Russia’s security.  In this regard, Russia cannot remain a party to the treaty,” reasoned Putin in the bill. 

The bill is expected to be voted on by next week and would need three votes of approval in the State Duma and one in the upper-house Federation Council in order for it to become a law. 

The agreement for the Open Skies treaty was signed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1992 and was implemented in 2002.

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