US, Russia Officials Discuss Situation in Afghanistan

The US Special Representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, met with Russian officials and discussed shared interests of the two countries including the situation in Afghanistan.

In a tweet West said that he met with Vladimir Putin’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov and Russia’s Security Council Deputy Secretary Alexander Venediktov and discussed the shared interests of the US and Russia in Afghanistan.

“Discussed shared interests in Afghanistan and the need for Taliban to fulfill commitments to the international community,” West added.

The meeting comes as the head of the UK armed forces, Gen. Nick Carter, said that the UK must engage with the Islamic Emirate to provide support for local Afghan allies and to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

“We certainly have to engage them for a number of reasons. I mean, first and foremost, there are still Afghans who work with us who we are worried will be the subject of vendettas, and we would like to see them find a way out of Afghanistan, and we would like to look after them to achieve that,” he said.

On 8th of November West embarked on a trip to Europe and Asia to explore ways for better understanding and mutual cooperation in different areas, including the situation in Afghanistan. During his visit to Brussels he had met with EU and US allies, discussing issues related to Afghanistan.

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