US Reports Almost 1.5M Covid Cases

The US reported a record 1.48m new COVID-19 cases while healthcare systems are starting to buckle due to the high caseloads.

The US has averaged over 750,000 new COVID-19 cases every day over the past week while 141,000 have been hospitalized so far and 23, 000  are in the ICU. 

Most of the hospitalizations were reported in Midwestern and mid-Atlantic states while new caseloads are rising in the south. 

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has attributed the rise in figures to the new Omicron strain. 

 The Department of Health and Human Services said that almost 25% of hospitals nationwide are reporting “critical staffing shortages,” while medical staff themselves are getting infected.  

“Omicron continues to burn through the commonwealth, growing at levels we have never seen before. Omicron is significantly more contagious than even the Delta variant,” said Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear on their overwhelmed healthcare systems.

US President Joe Biden said that they are increasing the number of federally run COVID-19 testing sites at that they will send 500 million free at-home test kits to citizens this month. 

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