US Installs Long Range Radar in Alaska for Missile Defense System

The U.S. Department of Defense’s Missile Defense Agency (MDA) today announced it had finished construction Long Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR) which would be reportedly used to defend the US from ballistic missile threats.

“The Long Range Discrimination Radar has finished construction, and we can now begin the testing phase that will lead to the full operational use of this vital system. LRDR will allow Northern Command to better defend the United States from ballistic and hypersonic missile threats,” said ” MDA Director Vice Adm. Jon Hill.

The LRDR  was built by Lockheed Martin and cost $1.5 billion for development and deployment.

LRDR will be based at the Clear Space Force Station near the city of Anchorage and would be handed over to the Air Force once testing is completed.

Lockheed Martin claimed last week that it successfully tested  LRDR’s secondary arrays in tracking several different satellites over a 40-minute period before it was even completed. 

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