US DOJ Wins Appeal to Extradite Assange

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has won an appeal at Britain’s Court of Appeal over the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for espionage charges.

According to UK Court of Appeal, Timothy Holroyde, the jurist’s decision was made after the US reassured the court that Assange would reportedly not face highly restrictive prison conditions.

“That risk is in our judgment excluded by the assurances which are offered. It follows that we are satisfied that, if the assurances had been before the judge, she would have answered the relevant question differently,” said Lord Chief Justice of England and Wale Lord Burnett.

Assange’s fiancee Stella Morris vowed that they would appeal the position as soon as possible while human rights groups and press freedom organizations condemned the UK court’s decision. 

“The prosecution against Julian Assange is an existential threat to press freedom worldwide. Leading civil liberties groups, including Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders, ACLU, and Human Rights Watch have called the charges against Julian Assange a threat to press freedom around the globe,” said WikiLeaks on the decision.  

US prosecutors have already indicted Assange on 17 espionage charges and one charge of computer misuse over WikiLeaks’ publication of military and diplomatic documents containing incriminating information. 

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