UN to Probe Children’s Deaths in Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Ukraine

United Nations chief Antonio Guterres said on Monday that the UN would investigate the killing and wounding of children in Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Ukraine, following a report that found over 2,500 children deaths and over 5,500 maimed in 2021 global conflicts. 

The latest edition of the annual UN report on Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC) verified the recruitment and use of more than 6,300 children in conflicts globally in 2021, including abduction, sexual violence, school and hospital attacks, and denial of aid. 

“Despite some progress, children have continued to suffer the consequences of man-made conflict in 2021,” Special Representative of the Secretary-General for CAAC, Virginia Gamba, said during her presentation of the latest report. 

Gamba also commented on preliminary reports, saying that in Ukraine, they have “seen the prevalence of two types of information affecting children that are the most concerning. One is attacks on schools and hospitals. I think by far that possibly would be the biggest concern at this point, with information that led to this situation of concern being decided upon. And the other one is killing and maiming of children.” 

The countries with the highest number of verified violations against children in 2021 were Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories. 

According to Guterres, 2022 report would include verified violations against children in Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Ukraine. 

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