UN Envoy Says Ending Yemen War Requires Uncomfortable Compromises

The UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg on Wednesday said they are going to begin talks with warring parties, political parties, civil society and experts to develop a framework to move towards a political settlement in the Gulf country.

Briefing the UN Security Council, Grundberg said they are making efforts to end the war though trust is low and ending this war will require “uncomfortable compromises” which no warring party is currently “willing to make.”

However, Grundberg added that the warring sides’ interests can be addressed within the context of a broader Yemeni agenda along the three tracks of political, security and economic matters.

Grundberg believes there is a way to end the Yemen war. “We all know that ending it will not be easy, but I firmly believe that it is possible.”

Grundberg said he counts on the support of the UN Security Council to encourage all actors in the Yemen conflict to take this opportunity for a peaceful solution.

Grundberg said he continuously engaged with the warring parties on possible mutually agreeable compromises. “In recent meetings in Riyadh and Muscat, I urged the conflict parties to engage in de-escalation talks and I have presented options for moving forward,” Grundberg added.

Referring to the attacks last month by Houthis on the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, Grundberg warned this conflict could “spiral out of control” unless serious efforts are urgently made by the Yemeni parties, the region and the international community.

UAE Ambassador to the UN Security Council, Lana Nusseibeh had called on the international efforts for tougher sanctions and other measures against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Nusseibeh said a series of Houthi cross-border attacks on the UAE and Saudi Arabia underscored the need for action.

As per UN report, the Yemen war has claimed more than 370,000 lives and caused widespread suffering to the 30 million Yemenis.

For Yemenis, the past month was marked by a multiplication of frontlines and an “appalling” record number of civilian casualties, Grundberg added. 

Grundberg added that a coalition airstrike on a detention facility in Sadaa, the capital city, which killed or injured more than 300 detainees, was among the worst incidents in three years. 

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