UN Chief Guterres Calls for End of War in Ukraine

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for an end to the war in Ukraine during his Security Council briefing on his shuttle diplomacy in Russia and Ukraine last week.

“I said the same thing in Moscow as I did in Kyiv…Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a violation of its territorial integrity and of the Charter of the United Nations… It must end for the sake of the people of Ukraine, Russia, and the entire world…the cycle of death, destruction, dislocation, and disruption must stop,” Guterres said

Guterres also described his travel to Ukraine as going into “an active war zone” where the east of the country continues to experience a “full-scale ongoing attack” without any sign of a ceasefire.  

Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to the United Nations and Guterres personally concerning the “dire plight of civilians”  living underground for weeks in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol and the need for evacuations at the Azovstal steel plant. 

Guterres reported that he received confirmation of “an agreement in principle,” for a humanitarian corridor from the Russian premier. 

“We must continue to do all we can to get people out of these hellscapes,” Guterres said. 

UN humanitarian office (OCHA) Head Martin Griffiths said the war on Ukraine forced over 13 million Ukrainians to flee their homes, uprooting lives and ripping apart families.

“The war…is senseless in its scope, ruthless in its dimensions, and limitless in its potential for global harm. It is high time to unite and end this war,” Guterres concluded.

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