UK’s Prime Minister Plans To Ease Lockdown

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that he wishes to “cautiously but irreversibly” begin moving towards the end of lock downs for England residents.

The UK Prime Minister plans to roll out a plan which will outline a road map to re-opening the country during a press conference at 12 p.m. Eastern time today along with England Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty and Chief Executive of National Health Services (NHS) England Simon Stevens.

This plan comes after the UK successfully administered 15 million vaccines to the most vulnerable people across its nation according the a government report on Sunday. Monday COVID figures have shown to have dropped by 29%, down to 9,765 positive cases identified. 

This is the lowest rate for the UK since October 2. Further data from UK NHS has indicated that COVID deaths, cases, and hospitalizations have all been on the decline over the past few months, with total cases at an all time low in terms of daily numbers.

Conservative Tory MPs have called for Johnson to end the restrictions as soon as possible in a letter signed by 63 of its 360 members. The letter asked for Johnson to “let UK citizens reclaim their lives,” with specific asks for wedding and school restrictions to be lifted come March 8.

Johnson has said that March 8 is the earliest that schools could open, with the UK Department of Labour commenting that they must “lock in the gains of the vaccine.” 

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