Ukraine Reports Massive Cyber Attacks on Government Websites

Ukraine has been hit by a widespread cyber attack, shutting down several government websites including from the foreign ministry and the education ministry.

“As a result of a massive cyber attack, the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of other government agencies are temporarily down,” the spokesman for the foreign ministry said.

“Our specialists are already working on restoring the work of IT systems, and the cyber police opened an investigation.”

The Ministry of Education and Science also reported that its website is down due to similar attacks.

Officials said that it was “too early to draw conclusions” but pointed out that there is “a long record” of Russian cyber assaults against Ukraine. Russia has previously denied being behind cyber attacks on Ukraine.

Hackers left a message on the website of the foreign ministry that read: “Ukrainians!…All information about you has become public, be afraid and expect worse. It’s your past, present and future.” The message included the Ukrainian flag and map crossed out.

The State Security Service reassured, however, that “there was no leak of personal information” according to preliminary investigations.

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