Ukraine Claims Capture of Alleged Russian Agent Planning Attacks on Odessa

The Ukrainian Security Service (SSU) reported that they have detained an alleged Russian agent who planned a series of terrorist attacks in Odessa.

“The offender was tasked to destabilize the social and political situation in Odesa region through subversive and terrorist attacks. It has been established that he was behind the arson of a Ukrainian military vehicle in Odesa in December 2021 and the act of vandalism when paint was poured on a monument to Ukrainians killed in the war with Russia, ” said the SSU.

According to the SSU, the agent targeted offices of volunteers,  NGOs, and military equipment in the Odesa region to make it appear if there were Russian sympathizers in the region.

The agent has been detained while the SSU is investigating if there were others involved. 

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet commented on the allegations while the agent has not yet admitted ties to Russia. 

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