UK to Add More Sanctions Against Belarus and Russian Media

The United Kingdom government said it would introduce new economic, trade, and transport sanctions on Belarus for “actively facilitating Putin’s illegal invasion,” including six Russians who were spreading disinformation. 

According to the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, the package included import and export bans on goods worth around 60 million pounds ($73 million), exports of oil refining goods, advanced technology components and luxury goods, and imports of Belarusian iron and steel. 

The UK would also ban more Belarusian companies from issuing debt and securities in London. 

“The Belarus regime has actively facilitated Putin’s invasion, letting Russia use its territory to pincer Ukraine – launching troops and missiles from their border and flying Russian jets through their airspace,” the British government said in a statement

Earlier, the UK raised import tariffs by 35 percentage points on a range of products and sanctioned Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and senior government officials. 

Meanwhile, the UK finance ministry named the six Russians on Monday who were associated with the websites SouthFront and NewsFront, which Britain said had “spread disinformation relating to Ukraine and promoted the Government of Russia’s false narrative about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.” 

The UK also sanctioned United World International for being an “online news site which promotes pro-Russian disinformation.” 

The British financial institutions must immediately freeze any assets they hold on behalf of sanctioned individuals or companies and report them to the government. 

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