UK Prime Minister Wants to Build One Nuclear Plant a Year

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced plans of building one nuclear power station every year during his visit to England’s Hartlepool nuclear power station on Monday. 

“Nuclear power stations like the one I visited in Hartlepool today are absolutely crucial to weaning us off fossil fuels, including Russian oil and gas,” Johnson said in a tweet

“Instead of a new one every decade, we’re going to build one every year, powering homes with clean, safe, and reliable energy,” Johnson added. 

In April, Johnson  also posted about the advantages of nuclear power. 

According to data from UK’s Department for Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy, nuclear power provided roughly 21% of the country’s energy demands in 2020, up from 9.4% in 2000.

The UK government has proposed increasing nuclear power generation capacity to 24 gigawatts by 2050, or around 25% of total electricity consumption.

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