UK Groceries Urged to Boycott Faroese Seafood Due to Dolphin Slaughter

British supermarkets have been called to stop selling seafood from Faroe Islands after hunters in the area slaughtered 1,428 dolphins earlier this month.

The grind, or the “Grindadrap” in Faroese, is the yearly hunting of sea animals, dominantly whales, which has been practiced for years in the remote island. The animals are then herded to the shore where they are butchered, their blood turning the waters red.

Faroese islanders still consume small amounts of whale and dolphin meat for traditional reasons, but they condoned the killings within the islands.

Sea Shepherd chief operations officer Rob Read said, “For such a hunt to take place in 2021 in a very wealthy European island community just 230 miles from the UK, with no need or use for such a vast quantity of contaminated meat, is outrageous.”

Minister for animal welfare Zac Goldsmith also condemned the killings and called it “the most sickening spectacles” that he has seen.

Wildlife campaigner Dominic Dyer urged ministers to suspend their £580 million post-Brexit contract with the Faroes until the killings permanently end and said that there was no way to defend the ongoing mass slaughter in the islands.

The government put up an online petition against the killings, where more than 40,000 people have already signed.

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