UK Foreign Secretary Warns Russia About Sheltering Ransomware Gangs

The United Kingdom has issued a warning to Russia regarding sheltering those behind the ransomware attacks on Western nations, foreign secretary Dominic Raab said.

“Let’s be clear when states like Russia have criminals or gangs operating from their territory they cannot hold up their hands and say not them but they have a responsibility to prosecute them, not shelter them,” he said.

“These cyber-attacks pose a real risk on a daily basis because what they really want is to undermine our confidence in doing simple things, like checking our bank balance or paying for a food order online,” he added.

He further said that even if it was not directly linked to the state they have a responsibility to prosecute those gangs and individuals.

Raab then said the UK would target those “who attempted to harm it,” and pointed to the creation of the new National Cyber Force, which will carry out offensive operations.

The foreign secretary also announced $30,868,530 or £22 million new funding to support cyber capacity building in other countries – including working with Interpol to set up a cyber-operations hub in Africa.

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