UK Doctors Demand 30% Payraise Over Five Years

Doctors from the United Kingdom have demanded a 30% pay rise for the next five years.

Medical professionals at the British Medical Association (BMA) annual conference in Brighton voted to press ministers to conform to the increase to compensate for real-term cuts to their salaries over the last 14 years.

Dr. Chaand Nagpaul, the BMA Council Chair, warned that doctors were exhausted, and many plan to retire early.

“Doctors will, and are, walking away,” Nagpaul said.

The British Medical Association reported that Nagpaul said lessons “needed to be learned now, rather than waiting for a public inquiry to report”, with more than 190,000 deaths in the UK due to COVID-19 over the past two and a half years.

“We took matters into our own hands with our lessons-learnt review. We’ve published the most comprehensive account of the lived experience and testimonies of tens of thousands of doctors. It unequivocally concludes that the UK Government failed in its duty to protect its workforce. The lessons from our review demand action today, not sometime in the future, given that a new surge, variant, or virus could strike at any moment,” Nagpaul said.

Dr. Emma Runswick, a member of the British Medical Association’s ruling council, expressed her insights on the motion to increase salaries.

“We should not wait for things to get worse. All of us deserve comfort and pleasure in our lives. Pay restoration is the right, just, and moral thing to do. But it is a significant demand, and it won’t be easy to win. Every part of the BMA needs to plan for how to achieve this,” Runswick said.

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