UK and Taliban Discuss Evacuations and Counter-Terrorism

The United Kingdom held talks with the Taliban on Tuesday to discuss safe exits for British nationals and Afghan allies out of Afghanistan. 

British Prime Minister’s special representative for Afghan transition, Simon Gass met with senior Taliban representatives in Doha to “underline the importance of safe passage out of Afghanistan for British nationals, and those Afghans who have worked with us over the past 20 years,” the statement said.

The Taliban said it would honor its commitment to allow Afghans to “come and go in the face of calls from the international community” in the days after the US withdrawal.

“The Taliban must be judged on its actions rather than by its words,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said earlier.

British security agencies were also concerned that the Taliban could allow jihadist groups to set up training camps similar to those run by al-Qaida before September 11, the Guardian reported.

According to British sources, Gass would seek assurance that Afghanistan would not become a base for international terrorists.

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