U.S. DOJ Jails Deer.io Operator for Selling Stolen Data of US Citizens

The DOJ has jailed a Russian citizen for selling the stolen personal information of US citizens online on deer.io.

The suspect Kirill Victorovich Firsov, 30, from Moscow, was found guilty of owning and operating deer.io which provided stolen personal information and other services to be used for cybercrime and fraud.

Deer.io reportedly sold gamer account logins, and the personal information of US citizens including names, current addresses, telephone numbers, and Social Security numbers.

“DEER.IO started operations as of at least October 2013, and claimed to have over 24,000 active shops with sales exceeding $17 million,” said the DOJ.

The FBI’s complaint said that deer.io pretended to be a legitimate business but investigators found that most sellers were cybercriminals and that stolen information was sold upfront.

“Also, deer.io was easily searchable, so anyone – including Firsov – could search the platform for stolen US accounts and information,” said the Prosecution.

Deer.io was only shut down after a seizure order was issued by the Southern District of California Court was issued in March 2020 and after Firsov was arrested in New York.

Firsov will serve a thirty-month sentence but is expected to stay longer until the beginning of his deportation.

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