U.K. Government Plans to Cut Transport Emissions by Decarbonizing Aviation, Trucks and Rail

The U.K. government on Wednesday revealed is long-awaited Transport Decarbonization Plan that will allow it to create a net-zero transport sector by the year 2050.

According to British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, the plan, which was finally published on Wednesday, targets to decarbonize all of the country’s journeys across road, rail, air and water.

This is part of the government’s vision to deliver a net-zero transport sector by 2050 where public transport, walking, and cycling are “the natural first choice for all who can take them.”

“Decarbonization is not about stopping people doing things: it’s about doing the same things differently,” Shapps said in a statement on Wednesday. “We will still drive, but increasingly in zero-emission cars.”

In a press release, the government highlighted that the most important part of the much-awaited plan is the proposal to “phase out the sale of new diesel and petrol heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) by 2040.”

As part of the government’s broader package of green initiatives, the country’s transport department also said that it intends to completely phase out polluting vehicles weighing between 3.5 tonnes and 26 tonnes from 2035 and those weighing more than 26 tonnes from 2040.

The department also said that dates will be set if the private sector agrees that a faster transition is “feasible”.

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