Top Yemeni Commander Along 28 Troops Killed in Marib Offensive

A top Yemeni military commander and 28 troops were killed in violent clashes with the Houthi rebels in the Yemeni city of Marib, the Yemen defense ministry said on Monday

“[The] Head of the government forces military operations, Nasser al-Zubiani was killed along with 27 other soldiers during clashes with the Houthis in the past 24 hours,” AFP quoted officials on condition of anonymity.

Yemeni soldiers and Houthi rebels have been engaged in intensive clashes in the past couple of months, with both sides suffered casualties.

At least 200 Houthi rebels were killed in the latest Saudi-led military coalition airstrikes, according to Al Arabiya TV.

The coalition carried out 35 airstrikes that targeted Houthi’s position in Marib during the past 24 hours, the outlet added.

The ongoing war in Yemen has displaced millions of people with 80 percent of the populations of around 30 million, are in need of humanitarian help, the UN Development Program (UNDP) said in its last month reported.

Millions of Yemenis continue to suffer from the long-year conflict, and scrambling with extreme poverty, it added.

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