‘The Witcher’ Boss Talks Season One Regrets, Future Spin-Offs and Putting Her Stamp on the Franchise

On the day of The Witcher’s season 2 Netflix launch, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich alleges that she is paving the way for more well-rounded female perspectives in a male-dominated genre.

“What I’ve heard from a lot of women, and the thing that I feel myself, is that I can find myself in this show,” Schmidt said. “As a woman and as a person who loves fantasy, I often couldn’t find myself in other fantasy shows. I didn’t see a person that represented me, and how I walked through the world and how I saw the world.”

The Witcher, based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and the blockbuster video game franchise that followed, launched in 2019 and quickly became Netflix’s most-watched series to that date. Hissrich had prepared to launch into Season 2 full force until the virus struck.

“I had this deep concern that no one would care anymore,” Hissrich said of the show’s COVID setbacks. “Just probably in the last two weeks, I’ve allowed myself to get excited about it again.”

With season three already planned, the showrunner is looking forward to the current season’s stories delving further into the characters, notably Ciri (played by Freya Allen). “I have to say that in season one, I don’t think that we paid enough attention to Ciri’s story,” Hissirch said. “It’s one of my big regrets watching that season. And so we worked really hard this season to make sure that we felt like we were on the path a lot more with Ciri.”

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