Teenager Sentenced to Prison for Stabbing 12-Year-Old Friend to Death

A criminal court in England sentenced a teenage boy to prison for 17 years for murdering his 12-year-old friend after luring him to a woodland last year.

Marcel Grzeszcz, 15, stabbed Roberts Buncis more than 70 times to his chest, abdomen, and neck with a wound that was “consistent with a decapitation attempt” on Dec. 12, 2020, two days before Buncis’ 13th birthday.

At the trial in Lincoln Crown Court on Nov. 8, Justice Jeremy Baker described the attack as “savage and brutal.”

Grzeszcz, who can now be identified after the judge lifted reporting restrictions, insisted that he acted in self-defense, claiming that Roberts was the one who brought the knife, and that he “lost control.”

Midway through the trial, Grzeszcz admitted to manslaughter but denied murder.

However, no evidence showed that Buncis had been armed, according to Prosecutor Mary Loram QC.

The court also heard that Grzeszcz had sent text messages to Buncis, telling him to meet in the woodland in the early hours to offer him £50 ($68) to sell cannabis.

Jurors dismissed Grzeszcz’s argument and concluded that he was “motivated by anger.”

The judge said that Grzeszcz turned up to the scene of the crime with a large knife and latex gloves, indicating “a significant degree of planning and premeditation.”

Grzeszcz also attempted to conceal the crime and dispose the evidence, the judge said.

The judge added that Grzeszcz had not shown “any true remorse.”

The judge also warned Grzeszcz that he may never be released.

In a statement, Detective Chief Inspector Richard Myszczyszyn described the case as “utterly tragic.”

“Roberts’s future was stolen and that is an injustice that cannot be undone. We hope today’s sentence might at least offer some closure to those affected,” Myszczyszyn said.

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