Taliban Threatens Mass Starvation if West Does not Release Funds

The Taliban has threatened that Afghanistan will suffer mass famine if the US  and EU nations do not release its frozen funds.

The Taliban’s announcement came after the Special Investigator General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) announced the freezing of billions that was supposed to be used for the development of Afghanistan.

“The money belongs to the Afghan nation. Just give us our own money. Freezing this money is unethical and is against all international laws and values,” said Afghan financial ministry spokesman Ahmad Wali Haqmal.

SIGAR defended that the funding for Afghanistan was for the former government’s  National Security Forces “which no longer exists”.

According to Shah Mehrabi, a board member of the Afghan Central Bank, the US has $9 billion of funds and Germany held half a billion dollars,

Mehrabi said that Afghanistan needed $150 million each month to “prevent imminent crisis” and to remain stable. 

U.N. humanitarian chief had already warned during the G20 summit that the Afghan economy is collapsing and that citizens are more at risk as winter draws near.

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