Taliban Officials Call on World To Provide Humanitarian Aid Without Political Bias

Taliban’ Deputy Prime Minister, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar on Friday called on the world community to offer humanitarian support to Afghan people without any political bias.

“We are facing a major humanitarian crisis, people don’t have food right now in many places,” Baradar lamented, calling on the world to carry out their humanitarian obligations.

Baradar said the Afghans “are lacking accommodation, warm clothes and they have no money.”

The Afghans’ plight worsened due to cold weather, according to Baradar, who assured to make all out efforts to distribute international aid across the country.

This is as the World Food Program (WFP) expressed concern over the humanitarian crisis and starvation in Afghanistan.

Spokesperson for the WFP program for Afghanistan, Shelley Thakral said they need up to $2.6 billion to get fed Afghan people.

Thakral said that the worst drought in decades, a spike in food prices, and the Taliban’s takeover that triggered the economic crisis are the reasons why up to 23 million people of Afghanistan are starving.


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