Taliban Leader Mullah Baradar Urges World To Lift Sanctions on Afghanistan

Taliban Deputy Prime Minister, Abdul Ghani Baradar on Thursday called on the international community to remove sanctions on Afghanistan as the country is going through a worse economic situation.

Speaking at a conference of the national private sector in the Afghan capital Kabul, Baradar said that the security situation is better across Afghanistan now and there is no obstacle in the way of trade and investment.

The conference was organized by the private sectors in order to evaluate opportunities and challenges ahead of the Afghan private sectors.  

“We are committed to providing more security for the Afghan traders,” Baradar said, calling on Afghan industrialists outside Afghanistan to come and invest inside the country.

“I am calling the Afghan traders to return to their country. Their investments and trades inside Afghanistan will benefit themselves and the Afghan nation,” Baradar added.  

Baradar also called on the international community to lift the remaining sanctions on Afghanistan. “We are looking for the sanctions to be removed by the world as it will give the Afghans an opportunity to play their role in the economic development inside and outside Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile, Mohammad Younis Momand, Acting Head of Chamber of Commerce and Investment, said that they support the industrial sectors and industrial company owners.

Taliban, who took control of Afghanistan in mid-August by toppling the western-backed Afghan government, is yet to be recognized by the international community. The world leaders asked the Taliban to honor the Doha agreement with the US, in which they agreed to form an inclusive government with the participation of all segments of the Afghan society, including women’s active role.

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