Taliban Calls On Uzbekistan, Tajikistan To Return Afghan Aircraft

Taliban Defense Minister, Mohammad Yaqoob called on the two neighboring countries Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to return air force planes and helicopters flown by pilots during the collapse of the former government.

Addressing an Afghan Air Force ceremony in the Afghan capital Kabul, Yaqoob warned that his government would never allow the aircraft to be seized or used by these countries.

“I respectfully ask Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to return the fled military aircraft,” Yaqoob said but warned they will face consequences if they do not return them.

Yaqoob also warned to use retaliatory steps to retake the aircraft, calling on the Central Asian countries not to test their patience.

Yaqoob also claimed that the Islamic Emirate has repaired a number of Russian-made helicopters that were inactive due to technical problems.

There were 164 active military aircraft before the collapse of the former Afghan government but only 81 are inside the country.

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