Tajik President Says Situation In Afghanistan Is Worsening

Tajikistan on Thursday said that the situation in its neighboring country, Afghanistan, is severely deteriorating under Taliban rule.

“We see the situation is worsening in Afghanistan and the Taliban are not delivering on their promises of forming an inclusive government with broad participation of all political and ethnic forces” Tajikistan Presdident Emomali Rahmon said.

Speaking at the 4th Consultative Meeting in Cholpon-Ata city of Kyrgyzstan, Rahmon said that the Taliban had failed to resolve emerging social and economic issues in Afghanistan since they seized power in August.

“Taliban are facing a legitimacy crisis. World yet to recognize them and the Taliban also failed to control the situation and restore peace in Afghanistan,” Rahmon added.    

Rahmon also accused Taliban of discrimination against various ethnic groups and said that “Taliban are not even able to governor Afghanistan.”

Rahmon further said that some leaders of the Taliban movement are on the list of terrorists and terrorist organizations of the UN Security Council.

Rahmon had early expressed his extreme concern about the situation along the Tajik-Afghan border and without elaborating further, said that practically, fighting is going on along more than 60% of the Tajik border with Afghanistan.

The Taliban regime in Afghanistan did not immediately comment on Tajikistan’s statement.

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