Taiwanese Legislators Engage in Brawl over COVID-19 Response

Taiwan’s legislature turned into a violent brawl Tuesday as opposition lawmakers rushed the platform during a policy address.

In the video, opposition members rushed to the speaker’s stage as the chamber’s leader, Su Tseng-chang, opened his annual address on the government’s performance, focusing on national security and the economy. 

Several lawmakers were pushed to the ground during the ensuing scuffle, while others poured water bottles on their opponents. Su was unable to deliver his remarks. 

As they chanted for the speaker’s resignation, the opposition lawmakers – members of the Nationalist Party, or Kuomingtang — pushed past the protective barrier erected by Su’s own Democratic Progress Party members.

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Nationalist Party has criticized the ruling administration. The recent reduction in pilot quarantine rules was dubbed a “big breach” by lawmakers on Tuesday.

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