Syrian Forces Accused of Suppressing Protestors in Rural Raqqa

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) on Tuesday accused Syrian security forces for suppressing protestors in Raqqa governorate who staged demonstrations against poor living conditions.

According to SOHR, dozens of families also fled al-Suwaydiyah and al-Kabira villages due to Syrian security forces (Asayish) operations.

“Security forces are searching homes in the rural community and also they used violence to break up protests in Suwiydaa al-Kabira,” SOHR said in a statement.

One child lost his life after the security forces hit him with the military vehicle, said the war monitor, adding another child was wounded due to a stray bullet.

The Syrian Observatory also said that Asayish have blocked the entrance and exit to the village and also imposed a curfew since Monday.

At least 35 people have been arrested so far, the Syrian Observatory said, and also confirmed clashes erupted between the Asayish and detainees.

Dozens of people gathered in Raqqa to protest over worsening living conditions in the village, including a shortage of sugar and the low quality of bread, the Observatory added.

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