Stolen Roman Statue found in Brussels Antique Shop by Off-Duty Italian Police

Italian police announced that they have recovered a 1st-century Roman statue that was stolen from an archaeological site in 2011 and found in a Belgian antique store by off-duty policemen.

The two officers were in Brussels on a mission from the archaeology division of the carabinieri.

The two policemen were walking from the Justice Palace to the nearby Sablon when they spotted a headless human statue dressed in a Roman toga and took pictures of it.

After sending the photo to Rome for comparison with the Leonardo database of stolen artworks, the two were informed that it was a Togatus statue stolen from the archaeological site at Villa Marina Dettina on the outskirts of Rome in November 2011.

The Togatus was eventually returned to Italy by Belgian authorities and started investigating an Italian businessman who allegedly used a fake Spanish name to receive the stolen statue.

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