Steve Bannon expected to face New York state indictment

Trump ex-adviser Steve Bannon is anticipated to turn himself in on Thursday to face New York state charges relating to his fundraising campaign to erect a wall along the southern US border.

The federal indictment against Bannon from 2020 constituted the basis for the state accusations that have been returned in an indictment.

Then-President Donald Trump pardoned Bannon of the federal fraud charges associated with the alleged conspiracy. 

State inquiries, however, are not covered by presidential pardons.

After the pardon, the Manhattan district attorney’s office launched an inquiry into Bannon and the “We Build The Wall” crowdsourcing project.

Several Bannon-related individuals have recently appeared before the state grand jury.

Late on Tuesday, Bannon released a statement, in which he described the charges as “fake” and the indictment as “nothing more than a partisan political weaponization of the criminal justice system.”

Bannon and three other individuals were charged with federal crimes by the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York on the grounds that they had misled donors in the border wall campaign, which garnered more than $25 million.

Bannon was accused of using more than $1 million as a cover for hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal expenses and to pay an alleged co-conspirator. 

Prosecutors claimed that contributors, some of whom were located in New York, were misled into believing that their contributions would all be used for the building project.

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