Sriwijaya Crash Investigation May Take Another Year

Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) said they may need another year to find out the cause of the Sriwijaya Air jet accident that killed all 62 people on board.

KNKT said under normal circumstances, they should have issued the report within a year of the accident, however, the pandemic had made it harder for its team to travel.

“Because data has just been gathered, we’re compiling a final report, including an analysis and a conclusion,” KNKT investigator Nurcahyo Utomo said.

According to KNKT’s preliminary report, the 26-year-old Boeing Co 737-500 had an imbalance in engine thrust that eventually led the plane into a sharp roll and then a final dive into the sea.

The report added that though the first officer’s communications had been recorded, the captain’s voice was only recorded when loud enough to be heard from the first officer’s headset microphone. 

The Sriwijaya accident was Indonesia’s third major airline crash in just over six years and shone a spotlight on the country’s poor air safety record.

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