Sri Lanka News Outlets Run Out of Newsprints as Cash Shortage Worsens

A national shortage of paper has prompted two major Sri Lankan newspapers to suspend their print editions, as the island’s economic crisis continues to worsen.

Media company Upali Newspapers said their English-language daily, The Island, and its Sinhalese version, Divaina, will only be available online “in view of the prevailing newsprint shortage.”

Other major newspapers also reduced their prints as prices of paper soared from the national shortage.

Last week, school exams for nearly 3 million out of Sri Lanka’s 4.5 million students have been postponed due to a lack of paper and ink.

Sri Lanka is facing its worst financial crisis since gaining independence from Britain in 1948 after its foreign reserves ran critically low. The government earlier announced that it will be seeking bailout from the International Monetary Fund to restructure its debt.

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