South Sudan Again Ranked World’s Most Dangerous Countries For Aid Workers

South Sudan has been ranked the most dangerous place for humanitarian aid workers as it miserably failed to ensure their security.

CARE International on data from the Humanitarian Outcomes Aid Worker Security Database reported that forty-four aid workers have been killed since the start of 2022 globally, but 11 of them lost their lives in South Sudan.

Another 8 workers were killed in Afghanistan and 7 in Myanmar. These three countries were labeled as the most incredibly challenging place for its citizens with nearly 40 million people facing hunger.

“South Sudan is facing its worst hunger crisis since it gained independence 11 years ago. That the very people committed to easing suffering and supporting the most vulnerable continue to be killed, is horrifying,” said Abel Whande, CARE South Sudan Country Director.

Whande said that 7.74 million people in South Sudan are facing acute hunger, and it got worse after the Ukraine crisis with a sharp increase in the cost of food and fuel.

In Afghanistan, eight polio vaccinators were killed in one day and there have been no more such incidents since the start of the current year. Afghanistan and Pakistan are the two countries where wild poliovirus is endemic.

“It’s devastating that eight aid workers have died in Afghanistan this year.  They were doing incredibly important work in a country that is in the midst of a complex humanitarian crisis – nearly 19 million people face acute hunger,” said CARE Afghanistan’s Humanitarian Advocacy Advisor, Melissa Cornet.

Cornet furthered that Afghanistan’s economy has collapsed and the price of food and everyday essentials have skyrocketed over the past year across the country.

Women and girls are the main victims of crises at any time. “We continue to hear reports of girls being married at a young age just to help the family survive,” Cornet added.

Another seven aid workers were killed in Myanmar so far in 2022. Nate Rabe, Country Director for CARE International in Myanmar said that one million people are displaced in Myanmar and over 13 million others are facing hunger.

“It is crucial that aid workers are protected, and humanitarian organizations have unimpeded access to affected communities to carry out vital work,” Rabe added.

Richard Simpson, CARE Country Representative Ukraine said that three aid workers were killed in attacks in Ukraine this year, making it the first aid worker deaths since 2014.

The security situation for aid workers has deteriorated sharply since the escalation in conflict in February this year.

“With a third of Ukrainians displaced from their homes and millions still inside the country, it’s more important than ever that the safety of humanitarian workers is preserved so they can carry out critical work,” Simpson added.

Somali, Mali, Niger, Afghanistan and South Sudan are countries experiencing the worst hunger and famine-conditions and are in dire need of humanitarian support.

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