Son Arrested For Trying To Sell His Mother For Around $5,000 In Western Afghanistan

Taliban forces on Friday arrested a man and his two friends for allegedly selling his mother in Afghanistan’s western Herat province.

The incident took place in Herat’s Mir Dawood Gate, where the suspect was selling his mother for a sum of 450,000 Afghanis, some around ($5,000).

Taliban officials at the Herat Police Office said that the suspects had confessed to their crimes, and further investigation has been launched into the case.

The officials, however, did not provide details on the circumstances of the arrest and the reason behind the incident. Police also did not mention the names of the suspects or the names of the mother, or where she is now.

Since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan on August 15, there have been several reports across Afghanistan where starving Afghan families are selling their daughters, sons, and parents out of extreme poverty and hunger.

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