Somalian Refugees in Turkey Under Immense Pressure: Official

Human Rights Association (iHD) said Thursday that Somalian refugees living in Turkish capital city Ankara have been facing immense pressure and police regularly creating “unnecessary problems” for them.

Ankara co-chair of the iHD, Fatin Kanat said they met with refugees who were forced to shut down their restaurants, cafés and shops.

Kanat said that police already changed the name of a restaurant from “Somalian Table”, to “People’s Table.”

The members of the iHD visited some restaurants, and shops of the Somalian refugees, who they said that police came every day and threatened them with closure of their business.  

“Since August 2021, pressures have been mounting against us,” a Somali shopkeeper identified as A.K. told iHD members.

A.K said that police detained him three times after visiting the office of iHD without any legal charges.

Kanat called on refugees to stay in contact with the iHD and promised to raise the issue with the Turkish relevant authorities in a bid to help them resolve their problems.  

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