Somali President Suspends PM Amid Election Dispute

Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed announced Monday that he has suspended Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and removed the marine forces commander over accusations of corruption.

“The president decided to suspend prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and stop his powers since he was linked with corruption,” the statement said, accusing Roble of interfering with an investigation into a land grabbing case.

The suspension of Roble came after the two leaders clashed on Sunday over delays in ongoing elections. 

Roble’s office said the President’s decision was “outrageous” and that the attempt to “militarily take over” the office of the prime minister was in breach of the law.

In April, clashes broke out between factions of the security forces allied to Mohamed and Roble, as the prime minister opposed a move to extend the president’s four-year term to two more years.

The showdown was resolved when Mohamed put the prime minister in charge of security and of organizing the delayed elections.

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