Singapore Clarifies No Asylum Given to Sri Lanka’s President During a Private Visit

The Singaporean government announced today, just before his jet was due to land in the city-state, that Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was in the country on a private visit and had not been granted refuge.

“In response to media queries, it is confirmed that Mr. Rajapaksa has been allowed entry into Singapore on a private visit. He has not asked for asylum and neither has he been granted any asylum. Singapore generally does not grant requests for asylum,” a statement published by Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

President Rajapaksa announced his retirement yesterday, July 13, but after a public outcry and calls for his resignation, he fled to the Maldives.

The Sri Lankan President, in a report by Sri Lanka’s NewsWire, was taken by Saudi Airlines on a flight to Singapore today even though he has not yet submitted his resignation.

Sri Lanka is currently experiencing political unrest as a result of President Rajapaksa’s protracted resignation, which has made it difficult for Parliamentary proceedings to determine the future direction of the nation.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe proclaimed a state of emergency on Wednesday morning, just after Rajapaksa left, and asked security personnel to reestablish order.

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