Shanghai Disneyland Closes Down Again as COVID Cases Surge

Shanghai Disneyland temporarily closed down on Monday, in response to the COVID-19 cases, and is said to remain closed until further notice.

The theme park temporarily closed, along with Shanghai Disney Resort, the shopping complex Disneytown, and the Wishing Star Park, a recreational area in their main resort.

Shanghai Disney’s closing comes as China is facing its biggest outbreak of COVID-19 since the initial outbreak in Wuhan in late 2019, as Shanghai’s local asymptomatic infections have increased for four consecutive days.

“We will continue to monitor the pandemic situation and consult local authorities, and will notify guests as soon as we have a confirmed date to resume operations,” it said in a statement.

While the tally of infections is low in comparison with many other countries, Shanghai has quickly followed China’s “dynamic clearance” policies, shutting schools and testing residential compounds in an effort to limit the spread of the virus.

“When it comes to the entire situation of epidemic control and prevention that we are facing, it is very complex and serious, and it is also a very big test for us,” city health official Wu Jinglei told a news briefing.

By Sunday, mainland China had reported 132,226 cases with confirmed symptoms, both from locals and foreign travelers.

Guests who have been impacted will be provided a refund or exchange.

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