‘Sex and the City’ Stand-In Alleges Chris Noth’s On-Set Behavior Was “Toxic”

Heather Kristin, a former stand-in for Sex and the City star Kristin Davis, has revisited her viral February 2021 essay for The Independent following the allegations against actor Chris Noth, first published in The Hollywood Reporter a week ago.

In the original essay, titled, “I was Charlotte’s stand-in on Sex and the City. Some of the behavior I saw still shocks me,” Kristin, who says she stood in for Davis’ Charlotte for four seasons on the original HBO series, wrote about an “alpha male actor” who made an offensive comment about a fellow stand-in.

Kristin identifies the actor as Noth in an addendum to that essay published on Thursday, adding, “I recall his toxic conduct all too well.”

On December 16, two women accused Noth of sexual abuse. Zoe, now 40, and Lily, now 31, who do not know each other and used pseudonyms for the story, approached THR separately and months apart with their stories, each deciding to come forward after being triggered by Noth’s appearance in the revival of the iconic series with HBO Max’s And Just Like That reboot, which killed off Noth’s Mr. Big character in its first episode.

Following the news, Noth, who denies the charges, was quickly dropped by his agency and another program, CBS’ The Equalizer. Peloton also removed a viral ad it had developed with Noth and Ryan Reynolds.

Kristin further alleges that when she approached the And Just Like That casting director about returning as a stand-in for the relaunch after the publication of her original piece, she was treated with silence. “I found myself wondering whether I was being blacklisted for speaking out,” she says, questioning his demise onscreen. “Was Big killed off in the first episode because the producers knew of his troubles?”

A rep for Noth denies the allegations, telling THR, “Now that everyone is piling onto Chris Noth, the timing is unquestionably convenient to drag him into her ‘recollection’ of events. Chris denies these allegations and there’s never been a single complaint or report about him acting inappropriately on the set of Sex and the City.”

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