Second Explosion Hits Kabul Within Two Days

Two people were injured after a bomb blast ripped through the Kot-e-Sangi area in the Police District 5th of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan on Monday morning.

Security officials confirmed the blast. According to officials there were no deaths, however eyewitness said two bystanders were injured in the blast.

This bomobing comes after the Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for Saturday’s explosion in Kabul that left at least three people dead, while six others were wounded.

Reportedly, an Afghan journalist, Hameed Saighani was among those killed in the blast.  

After the Taliban takeover on August 15, the IS is now the only terror group that conducts terrorist activities, primarily targeting Shia communities.

The Taliban claimed to have arrested 600 IS affiliates in the past three months.

Islamic clerics from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Iran, Palestine Iraq and Croatia called for the formation of an inclusive government in the country. They also called for a unified position to deal with IS.

“Controlling the government by a certain ethnicity and ignoring other ethnicities is impossible. This will cause chaos in Afghanistan because it is obvious that all ethnicities have power and are looking for their rights,” said Ayatullah Syed Yasin, a top Iraqi religious cleric.

The Taliban already claimed they have formed an inclusive government and stressed that they have fulfilled conditions to be recognized by the international community.

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