Saudi-led Coalition Strikes Leave Two Civilians Dead in Yemen

Yemeni officials said that two civilians were killed and four medical staff received injuries in two separate Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in Al-Garrai region and in Sanaa, the capital city.

Yemen’s al-Masirah TV Channel reported that two civilians were killed in Saudi-led airstrike in Al Hudaydah governorate in Al-Garrahi region on Thursday morning.

In the second Saudi-led airstrike, targeting a hospital in Al-Sawad neighborhood of Sanhan district in south of Sanaa, four medical staffers were wounded, two of them are in critical conditions, the outlet added.

The airstrike also caused panic among patients, the report said.

This is as the UN said that the war in Yemen displaced more than 15,000 people and killed at least 350 civilians last month.

UN special envoy Hans Grundberg during his briefing to the UN Security Council said that both the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels and the Saudi-led Western armed coalition seem to be seeking military victory.

However, Grundberg warned that there is no sustainable long-term solution to be found on the battlefield.

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