Russian Supreme Court Dissolves Human Rights Group Memorial

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has ordered the liquidation of the human rights group “Memorial.”

Memorial is Russia’s oldest human rights watchdog and was founded in 1987, four years before the end of the Soviet Union to investigate human rights violations such as gulags.

According to the Russian Supreme court, Memorial is a foreign agent group and has failed to declare itself as one because it receives foreign funding.

State prosecutor Alexei Zhafyarov also accused Memorial of distorting history, being nazis. and tarnishing the nation’s image.

“It is obvious that Memorial creates a false image of the USSR as a terrorist state by speculating on the topic of political repression of the 20th century,” said Zhafyarov.

In response to the court decision, protesters held a demonstration outside the courthouse and shouted “shame.”

Several protesters have been arrested and detained but no one was reported hurt or killed.

Just recently, Memorial’s head Yuri Dmitriyev was sentenced to 15 years for allegedly possessing images of child sexual abuse and indecent acts against his adopted daughter, as well as possession of weapon parts

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