Russian President Vladimir Putin Receives COVID-19 Vaccine in Private

Russian President Vladimir Putin received his first dose of a Russian COVID-19 vaccine in private on March 23 in an attempt to boost vaccination efforts in the country.

“Putin has been vaccinated against the coronavirus. He feels well. Tomorrow he has a full working day,” Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told news agencies without specifying which of the three approved Russian vaccines —Sputnik V, EpiVacCorona, and CoriVac — Putin received.

“We deliberately do not say what kind of vaccine the president will take, all the while noting that all three Russian vaccines are absolutely reliable and effective,” Peskov said.

Earlier, Peskov said that Putin would receive the vaccination without being recorded on camera because Putin “doesn’t like” being vaccinated on camera.

“The President devotes a fairly significant part of his working time to events, talks, meetings related to vaccination, vaccine production, and so on and so forth. As to being vaccinated on camera, well, he has never been a fan of that, he doesn’t like that.”

 Peskov added that people would just have to “take our word for it.”

The announcement of Putin’s vaccination without cameras came two days after a set of publicity photos of Putin doing everyday activities in Siberia were released.

Putin has also been known to frequently pose for the cameras, sometimes while shirtless.

Putin, 68, first announced that he was going to be vaccinated during a televised government meeting last March 23, but clarified that vaccinations in Russia would remain voluntary.

“Vaccination, of course, is a voluntary decision for every person. It is every person’s personal decision,” Putin said.

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