Russian Military Enlistment Office Firebombed

The military registration and enlistment office building in Nizhnevartovsk has been firebombed by unknown assailants.

“Tonight, an unknown person threw two bottles of the combustible mixture in the dressing room of the military registration and enlistment office in Nizhnevartovsk. A Molotov cocktail immediately came out, the second was burned on the wooden lining, but was immediately extinguished. fire. there were police fire extinguishers that came on call. Another unused cocktail with an incendiary mixture was found in the area,” reported Baza.

A video of the assailants lobbing the Molotovs before a fire ignited at the building was also shared by Baza.

The official statement Ministry of Internal Affairs said the identities of the assailants were established but did not provide further information.

The fire was reportedly put out by four fire trucks and 13 firefighters while no one was reported hurt or killed.

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