Russian Government Threatens to Block Twitter in a Month

The Russian government has warned that will block Twitter in a month if it fails to delete banned content.

“We’ve taken a month to watch Twitter’s reaction on the issue of removing prohibited information. Appropriate decisions will be made depending on the social network administration’s actions,” said Vadim Subbotin, the deputy chief of Russia’s state communications watchdog Roskomnadzor.

Roskomnadzor has already throttled uploading photos and videos to Twitter after it allegedly failed to comply with their order to remove content encouraging suicide among children and information about drugs and child pornography.

“If Twitter doesn’t comply with Roskomnadzor and Russian legislation’s requirements, then we will consider the issue of completely blocking the service in Russia,” added Subbotin.

Twitter responded that they have a zero-tolerance policy regarding the posts they were accused of not deleting and that they “do not allow the use of Twitter for any unlawful behavior or to further illegal activities, including the buying and selling of drugs. “

Twitter added that they were committed to keeping the Internet open and speech free.  

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